Linking Up – 1/8/14

New leader of the Fed:

Janet Yellen was confirmed to lead the Federal Reserve. (Politico)

Her expected impact on the economy. (Time) and (Fox Business)

Can she inspire more women to follow her lead? (Bloomberg)

Forecasts for 2014, some more serious than others:

A comprehensive look at where we are now, and what could happen next. (Reformed Broker)

Gold analysts are bullish. (Bloomberg) But wait… they were also bullish a year ago. Oops. (Kitco News)

A geopolitical look towards 2014, reviewing some of their general forecasts for the year. (STRATFOR)

Twelve predictions that are delightfully cynical – and yet surprisingly accurate. (25iq)

A longer list of mostly economic predictions … but with a Miley sighting at the end! (Avondale Asset Management)

Miscellaneous and informative:

Like any enjoyable movie based on real life, now we can learn more about the true story that inspired “The Wolf of Wall Street.” (Wall Street Journal)

There have been several articles recently noting value investors’ increased cash holdings as they find bargains tougher to uncover. (Bloomberg) and (Wall Street Journal)

Change your attitudes regarding investing by becoming more flexible. (Research Puzzle Pieces) and (Adam H Grimes)


**This style has become part of a new favorite tradition, where I try to consume several long-form articles each week before falling asleep. The good ones are insightful, inquisitive, and remarkably informative in a way that most forms of journalism are simply unable to be. So when I’ve read something good, I’ll include it in my link posts, even if the article is not recent (since unlike most other links here, these maintain relevancy long after their date of publication).**

An awesome look at the ground-floor of a larger international dispute between China and the Philippines, with the USA watching closely from afar. (NY Times)

Attempting to lift the veil behind Netflix, one of today’s most analytically progressive companies. How do they know what I want to watch? (The Atlantic)

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