Linking Up – 1/9/14

Over the past 7 years, returns from LT treasuries, corporate bonds, and stocks have all ended up at the same level. Never would’ve expected this. (Research Puzzle)

Another fight that at its core is about economics vs. politics. I think we’ll hear more about this in the coming year. (Businessweek)

I’m planning on writing a post soon about narrative vs. numbers. In the meantime, this is Ritzholtz’s summary of the gold market’s wild ride. (Bloomberg)

Hedge funds, wearing it.  More proof that investors often make things way too complicated, like avoiding US companies last year. (Businessweek)

An example of a good, straightforward letter to investors. It seeks to manage their expectations about the future while not resorting to excuses about external factors.  (Avondale Asset Management)

Is the ACA/Obamacare working? One of the president’s top economics explains why he says yes.  (Wall Street Journal)*

For the Microsoft CEO hunt, who’s next after Mulally is out? I actually like that they’re taking time to make this search, as I’ll discuss another time. (BGR)

Setting goals like Google. (Business Insider)



Fascinating exposé on a side of Mexico’s Drug War that we rarely hear about. Good chance it will change your view of that situation. (Human Rights Watch)


*If you don’t subscribe to the Wall Street Journal or other news site with a paywall, try to search for the article in Google and access it that way. It often works!

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