Always more to learn!

Thought of the day: it always fascinates me how much more about banking and finance there is to learn. This is a big reason why each weekday I read Dealbook, the Financial Times, and (to a lesser extent) the Wall Street Journal (which is great except I just can’t stand how they never miss a chance to flip the bird to Obama).

But I digress… one of the links I found today on Dealbook led me to this article on Daniel Tarullo, a man who works at the Fed overseeing the banks’ strategy and regulatory compliance. When I woke up today, I had no idea who Mr. Tarullo was. Now, getting ready for bed, I’ve learned a bit about one of the most important financial regulators, and by extension, one of the more important man/woman in finance. Reading about Mr. Tarullo gave me further understanding of the deference that banks now have (or have been forced to have, depending on who you ask) for their regulators in wake of the financial crisis.

Great stuff! Who knows what I’ll learn tomorrow??

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