Isn’t it early for silly season?

Apple is not perfect. Just because the company has imperfections, however, is not in of itself a reason to panic. Is it reliant on its top product (the iPhone) for profits? Sure. Couldn’t you levy the same criticism on Coca-Cola? Tesla? Google? If the product you make has a sufficiently durable competitive advantage (“moat”), there’s […]

Back to the grind…

I’ve been somewhat out of it the past 2 months. I spent September and October applying to MBA programs. I then got to celebrate the submission of those applications with the joyous process of packing up all my earthly possessions and moving to a new apartment. The end of Daylight Savings Time and the start […]

Linking Up – 1/9/14

Over the past 7 years, returns from LT treasuries, corporate bonds, and stocks have all ended up at the same level. Never would’ve expected this. (Research Puzzle) Another fight that at its core is about economics vs. politics. I think we’ll hear more about this in the coming year. (Businessweek) I’m planning on writing a […]